iSoftBet’s Dragon Stone casino game

Complete Distribution of the Dragon Stone

After a successful period of exclusivity with Rizk and Go Wild, the graphically spectacular fantasy slot game Dragon Stone is now available at all venues that provide games from iSoftBet. This comes after Rizk and Go Wild had the opportunity to offer the game first. The game has already proven to be quite popular with players, and it appears that it is likely to have an even bigger effect now that it is more widely available. It features powerful graphics, an epic symphonic music, and four different varieties of free spins for players to enjoy.

Firepower—In the Style of a Dragon

Dragon Stone is a video slot machine with five reels, three rows, and a total of twenty pay lines. The game is set in a mythological realm that has a look that is nearly ancient. The background scene will change as you make your way through the game, but you can expect to see things like mountains, rocky landscapes, flying pterodactyls, and the constant risk of volcanic explosions. All of these elements will be there.

The traditional playing card ranks of 10, J, Q, K, and A are included in this game’s symbols. There are also four dragons with menacing appearances (one each in purple, green, blue, and red), which stand in for the so-called ‘elements’ of air, earth, ice, and fire. In addition, there are many wilds and a Dragon Stone scatter.

The graphics in this game have a mature cartoon style that is reminiscent of the kind of art that you might find in the manual for a dragon-themed role-playing game. This slot machine is designed to look like a dragon role-playing game. The animation and sound are equally outstanding, and they bring the world of the creatures with thick skin to life in a dramatic manner, especially when the extra features are activated.

The rotation of elemental power

You can get an Elemental Power Spin from this game at any time by being triggered by one of the four elements in the game. When the Earth Dragon is activated, rocks will rise up to generate stacked wilds, while the Wind Dragon will utilize his power over the air to blow mysterious symbols into play. Both of these dragons have their own unique abilities. The Ice Dragon will freeze any winning symbols that are present and cause additional wilds to emerge on the reels, while the Fire Dragon will cause fireballs to rain down and cause further wilds to appear on the reels. Both dragons will then respin the remaining symbols in an effort to boost the win.

Initiate a round of free spins.

If you get three or more of the Dragon Stone symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll activate the Free Spins bonus round. You will earn 10, 15, or 20 free spins, depending on the number of stones that triggered the feature, and a random dragon will be chosen to bring its mighty might to the reels for the length of the free spins. The number of stones that triggered the feature determines how many stones are needed to trigger the feature.

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